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Simply Grace provides individual and couples' counseling; pre-marital and marriage counseling and life coaching. Our locations for the metro Atlanta area are in Cumming and Marietta.

A unique, integrative approach using practical spirituality and energy psychology methods for a life that is peaceful, intentional, balanced and simply free.


"Our hearts and bodies often give us messages we fail to pay attention to. Ironically, we are all aware of pain, can hardly ignore it, but we rarely hear what it has to say. It is true that we may need to withstand great pain, great heartache, great disappointment and loss in order to unfold into the rest or our lives. But our pain may also be showing us exactly where we need to change.

If we view our bodies as bridges that carry us from our inner life to the outer world, then pain often gives us insight as to where the bridge is experiencing the most stress. Pain lets us know where we might crack, where our lives need to be reinforced and rested, in order for us to keep bringing our inner and outer lives together." - Mark Nepo

We at Simply Grace are a group of 'compassionaries' who help people:

  • Simplify their lives, discovering a deep significance and healthy self–concept
  • Advance through and grow from all types of emotional pain
  • See the relevance of spiritual principles and establish a fresh and healthy concept of God
  • Pick up the pieces, restore and reconcile their fractured lives and relationships
  • Find their passion and clarity of purpose


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Who are you? How do you define you?  How much are you worth?  Do you feel seen and heard?

Is there a disconnection in your life and relationships?


Do something today that your future-self will thank you for…

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Simply Grace Office Locations

Main Address
133 Samaritan Drive
Suite #202
Cumming, GA 30040
Tel: 678-965-4055

Marietta Office
3730 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062

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