2019 Holiday News


TIS THE SEASON                            December 2019

to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la                       

                  HAPPY Thanksgiving                 MERRY Christmas            JOY to the World

                                         It’s the MOST WONDERFUL Time of the Year

                           HAPPY Holidays                                Have a Holly, JOLLY Christmas

             ROCKIN’ Around the Christmas Tree                               HAPPY New Year     


The majority of our greetings, songs, expressions and celebrations associated with the holiday season are connected to hope and positivity. But how many times are these words spoken in regurgitated and expected ways? How often is there pain, sadness and despair behind the forced smiles, polite conversations and well wishing? Are these folks putting on a facade to deter judgment? Are they being deceitful, or just taking a break from their painful and difficult lives? Maybe they are not denying reality but taking a pause from it; suspending from their false self in order to embrace their authentic self by calling those things which are not as though they were (Romans 4:17).

Is it okay to choose affirming words when we feel numb?  Is it okay to encourage others when we are at our lowest?  Is it okay to “lie” to ourselves as we sort through our feelings in order to better prepare for the receiving of truth?

"Fake it till you make it" is an English aphorism which suggests that by imitating confidence, competence, and an optimistic mindset, a person can realize those qualities in their real life. It echoes the underlying principles of cognitive behavioral therapy as a means to enable a change in one's behavior. – Wikipedia

Acting “as if” is simply behaving, thinking, and feeling as if we already have something we want, or that something we want to happen is already occurring in our lives, or that we already know how to do something we really want to do. Act As If: A Beginner’s Guide by Leeor Alexandra

Researchers have found that “acting” a certain way allows our brains to “rehearse” a new way of thinking and can set off a desired chain of events in the future. - Mentalfloss.com

So, Tis The Season To Be___________________________. It’s our choice. How are we going to think, believe, speak, sing, act and live into our Fa La La’s


We have been blessed with another year of growth into wholeness, time with family and friends, steady counseling and coaching opportunities and faithful financial support. Will you consider making a one-time, year-end gift?


                                                               Ken & Debbie Pallone

                                                                Simply Grace, Inc.

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