December 1, 2017


  Holiday 2017

During the holiday season, most of us begin thinking toward new goals or resolutions for the next year. Some of us even like to make a vision board to help solidify our plans and hopes. Do you ever struggle with clarity in a vision for your life? Are there blocks to achieving certain goals year after year? If you know who you truly are, are you better equipped to know what you desire? Can you be better prepared to carry out those plans?

Ken had cataract surgery this year on both of his eyes.  The cataracts that were blocking his vision had grown gradually. He did not realize how cloudy his vision had become until the obstacles were removed.  

Life can be complicated. Life can be challenging.  Some resistance is good and powerful, pushing us toward our destiny.  Overwhelming resistance leads to a frustrating and unbalanced life. “We are wired to take the path of least resistance. This is not unique to humans. Everything takes the path of least resistance:  water, electricity; even Google maps.  Wolves evolved into domesticated dogs because it was easier to scavenge on human trash than to track down prey.  In Aesop’s Fables, a fox eyes some delicious, ripe grapes along a vine high in a tree. After he can’t reach them, he decides they are sour anyway.”        - C. Beaton

Working on our dysfunctional stuff can be tough and exhausting. The effort required in releasing emotional baggage, dealing with childhood traumas, removing walls of protection and restoring relationships takes a deep level of commitment.  However, finding peace and clarity is very liberating. Lasting transformation does not let you take the quick and easy way out.  Seeing through the mirror clearly is part of God’s desire for you. Our desire at Simply Grace is to continue to help those who are ready to do just that. 

We generally have many clients throughout the year in need of counseling who are unable to make a donation. We still operate as a non-profit service in our Cumming and Marietta offices, so scholarships for clients are always appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our friends and supporters!

Ken & Debbie Pallone    


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