Fall Update

Fall Update

SIMPLICITIES                                    September 2017                                                                                

Balancing the Complexities of Life


“It had been quite a while since I had been to Simply Grace. However, I had a business decision I was concerned about and really wanted to talk it over with someone. Who would be able to understand where I was coming from? Who could I trust to be wise, thoughtful and non-manipulative? Whose life coaching skills might be helpful during this decision process? One person came to mind, Ken Pallone. When I first came to see Ken for counseling, almost 6 years prior, I was so burnt out. I was striving so hard to please God but felt as if I could never quite get there. To no avail, I would work harder and harder to educate myself about God and His Word. Then, Ken told me God was already pleased with me! What?!! Educating myself about God had taken the place of intimacy with Him. There is a huge difference.

Although I had been a Christian since I was a boy, I had forgotten how God felt about me. Ken helped me to remember. And just as importantly, he helped me to understand how God did NOT feel about me. He was NOT mad at me. He was NOT disappointed in me. He was FOR me! It’s ironic that for so many years I was disciplined to tell others about the love of God while never knowing that love myself. My life has not been the same since I first walked through the doors of Simply Grace. I had no idea the impact those hours sitting across from Ken in his office would have on me. The fundamental changes that God ignited in my heart and mind over six years ago have continued to bear fruit. I am growing every day in my knowledge and experience of God’s grace. It is like a snowball going down a mountain, continually gaining speed; or like the Scriptures put it, ‘The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn which shines ever brighter until full light of day’. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, the solution might be in remembering who and whose you really are!”  - J.D. (Former Client)


We are very grateful for what has been provided and accomplished to get our additional office in East Cobb ready for business. Thank you for supporting us during this expansion. Even though we still need additional funding to complete the project, we are already seeing clients.  Please consider Simply Grace as your counseling and coaching referral for potential clients in the Marietta area. Presently, our goal is to serve equally in both locations.

                                                                                                     Simply Blessed,

                                                                                                     Ken & Debbie Pallone

Mailing Address: Simply Grace, Inc., 133 Samaritan Dr., Suite 202 Cumming GA 30040

678.965.4055  simply-grace.org

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