SGI Anniversary

SGI Anniversary


          SIMPLY GRACE, INC.



March 15, 2019

                      What We Have Learned the Last 15 Years……


God is bigger, more merciful and more loving than first believed.

It is okay to have unanswered questions.

God is still creating and invites us to co-create with Him.

It is okay not always being okay.

 It is essential to validate ourselves without relying on others to do it for us.

Renewing the mind by rewiring the brain is necessary for lasting change.

 Taking care of ourselves confirms our self-worth.

God has planted everything we need within us.

Self-centered and other-centered focus is both out of balance.

Forgiveness is for US, not for those who have hurt us.

It is possible to observe and be involved without judgment.

Verbally practicing affirmations not fully believed in yet, can grow our faith.

There are substantial links between grace and science.

There are measurable connections between mental, emotional and physical health.

We dwell in the midst of infinite abundance ALL the time.

We are extremely grateful for our supporters.

        We feel very fortunate being able to do this work and continue to be excited and hopeful for our future.


Growth Opportunities:

Monthly financial support

Funding for Client Scholarships

New clients for our Marietta office location


  Ken and Debbie Pallone

  Mailing Address:

Simply Grace, Inc.

133 Samaritan Drive

Suite 202

Cumming GA 30040



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