Summer 2019

Summer 2019


Summer 2019

The path of holistic health reaches back to ancient times.  Ancient peoples looked at human health as resulting from a balanced combination of healthy mind, body, heart, and spirit. This is how the term “holistic” health got its name. The word “holism” is defined by the theory that parts of a whole are so intimately connected, they cannot exist independently or be understood without reference to the whole person. The majority of our holistic counseling is done with both of us participating in the sessions.  We are using this time to share a bit of the remarkable client stories of transformation and healing we have recently experienced. We have been given permission to share this particular story with you.

A pastor’s wife in her mid 50’s not able to recover from past traumas and present health concerns enters our office.  Her anger towards family and self is out of control. Feeling overwhelmed with her husband’s health issues and children’s addictions and poor choices has her carrying too many responsibilities. Years of abuse from her dad have her stuck in shame and unworthiness.  Chronic health issues make it difficult for her to maintain enough energy and optimism for her job and home.

We spent months working with her through emotional release, identifying and upgrading the core beliefs of powerlessness, feeling stupid, tainted and unworthy, forgiveness, etc. Then, it was evident that some of the most painful parts of her life still needed to be addressed for there to be lasting freedom.


We used essential oils to help activate the feelings associated with a specific trauma, which was also part of some thematic events.  Because she is a woman with a strong spiritual life, she wanted to invite Jesus to join her in that memory. She was a young adult trying to release the unhealthy control her dad continued to have over her.  Encouraging her to consciously change the actual images, feelings, physical manifestations, reactions and outcome of that event by basically, rewriting the ending to the story. This is where the freedom begins.  His many years of unrelenting abuse left her feeling unable to change what had always been. Her dad is deceased but she still saw herself as naïve, hopeless and powerless.  Connecting with those deepest feelings was extremely painful and heart wrenching. But when she asked Jesus to be her ally and help get her power back, the memory transformed.

 Jesus spoke to her, ”Fear not, I’m here with you.” Because of her deep shame, she couldn’t bear him looking at her.  She had always thought her dad’s words were more powerful than Jesus’ words but she felt a holy presence that gave her the strength to release his control over her and her life.  She found enough courage to tell her dad everything she had always wanted to.

“Get away from me. Your words and actions do not have power over me anymore.  Leave me alone, and never come back.” She was able to picture her dad walking away with a look of astonishment on his face. God shut his mouth!

 She asked, “Jesus, am I bad?”  He smiled back at her.  “He looks proud of me.  He’s smiling!  Am I a blessing to you?” She saw Jesus standing in front of her with a loving smile. “He loves me and I don’t understand why, but I receive it. I don’t have to understand why to receive it.”

She was able to let go, weep and finally feel peaceful and free.  All those years of guilt and shame that were attached to that and other similar memories was gone. Now that she knows Jesus is good with her; she is okay with herself. Even though some of her circumstances have not changed, hopefulness has been restored.  She has continued to experience that light, peaceful, mountaintop experience months later.



     We Are Grateful for ….


    Current and Future Client Transformations

    Current and Future Monthly Financial Support

  Close and Extended Family and Friends

  Great Health and Happiness

    Peace, Joy, Love, Grace, Abundant Life




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