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Balancing the Complexities of Life


Hello Friends and Supporters,

We wanted to share this compelling example of healing with you that has been experienced by a former Simply Grace client.

We were first introduced to Simply Grace by some friends. Our marriage was close to ending and this was a last ditch effort to save it. Neither of us really thought it would work. I really was waiting for Ken to tell my husband how wrong he was so I was a little surprised when he said we would be meeting individually. Ken worked with us and brought us back to basic truths that we had been ignoring, and he helped us work through our own individual issues. We had to look at ourselves and allow God to heal our wounds. This enabled us to forgive and love each other the way God designed. We will always be grateful that we met Ken and Debbie and for their investment in our marriage. Little did we know how much a marriage based on a strong foundation was going to be needed.

But in God’s sovereignty, He knew we were about to encounter the hardest storm a couple can imagine. Our 22 year old son took his life. Ken was at our home within hours of hearing the news and both Ken and Debbie have walked the road of grief with us. We have been extremely blessed to have Debbie support us through releasing emotional blocks and trapped negative emotions. Their compassion, encouragement, and unconditional support through the journey of grief has enabled us to see that God will somehow work all the pain and suffering in our lives to bring good. Their faith in Christ has been a beacon, and I know that because of their lives and mission,      I am a different person. The ministry of Simply Grace has forever impacted my life. It provided me the light and glimmer of hope during the darkest hours of my existence. Words cannot adequately verbalize how deeply my family has been touched.

This is just one story of transformation out of many that God has allowed us to be a part of in our fourteen years of operation in Cumming, Georgia.  We will be extending our counseling and coaching services to the East Cobb area of Marietta. We hope to be fully functioning at the new location sometime this fall. We will continue in the Cumming office two days per week. We are excited for the new clients who will also have amazing stories of transformation and healing.


New office = Funding needed for new/used equipment and supplies

New clients = Establishing a visible and thriving presence in the community

                         Thank you for the prayer support and financial contributions as we continue …..


                                                                                                      Ken & Debbie Pallone



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