General Information about

Pre-Marriage Counseling:


Many of the Pre-Marriage Counseling components will mirror Individual Counseling .

A lengthy pre-marital questionnaire may apply.

Weekly session length may be extended up to two hours.   

In certain cases half-day (4 hours) sessions may be available. 

General outside commitment applies: Books to read, questionnaires, etc…

A Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis will be administered early in the process. It will reveal many helpful things that will be explained during a session and referred to often.


The History Taking Process:

The first step and a vital part of the counseling process is taking the client's social history.

The purpose of taking a Social History is four-fold:                 

-Assists in building report and trust, as well as deepens compassion and understanding

-Helps in gaining understanding of how belief systems begin and have been reinforced

-Reveals the need to dethrone old belief(s) and embrace God’s system of belief

-Shows areas needing forgiveness and emotional healing


Coaching & Role-Playing:

 -Will be demonstrated throughout the process.


Note:  It is preferable for pre-marital counseling to take place at least 8-12 months prior to the wedding date.

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