General Information about

Marriage Counseling:


During the assessment it will be determined by the married couple and the counselor whether they should be seen together during the process or separate and bringing them together at certain intervals. 

Many of the Marriage Counseling components will mirror Individual Counseling.

Weekly session length may be extended up to two hours if married couples are seen together.   

General outside commitment applies: Books to read, questionnaires, etc…


The History Taking Process:

(when both spouses are present)

The first step and a vital part of the process is taking a Social History. The purpose is four-fold:

-Assists in rebuilding report and trust as well as deepens compassion and understanding

-Helps in gaining an understanding of how belief systems begin and have been reinforced

-Reveals the need to lay aside old belief(s)

-Shows areas needing forgiveness and emotional healing


Analysis Tools:

Taylor-Johnson Analysis

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator

Core Values Assessment

Love Language Profile

* Some or all of these tools may be used.


The Forgiveness Sub-Process:

 (when both spouses are present)

-Certain parts of this process will need to be worked through separately.





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