“What is Christmas?

It is tenderness for the past,

Courage for the present,

Hope for the future.”

                                                  Agnes M. Pahro

It has been quite a year of witnessing many transformations in the lives of our clients. Healing on many levels is possible.  We are blessed and grateful to be able to exercise our knowledge, wisdom, skills and experience with those who are hurting and wounded. 

“Their methods of counseling help me feel prepared to move forward and let go of the past. I learned that God has always been there.  His love has never changed for me.  I am forgiven.  I am blessed by God.  I have His favor and blessing.  I am enough!  I can be my true authentic self and not feel shame or guilt.” – A. B., Alpharetta, GA

“When I walked into the Simply Grace office it was after 6 months of intense therapy.  I sought their help because I was having physical pain with my emotional pain.  I felt stuck in a loop reliving things and feeling triggered.  I had read the books and talked through things in great depth but I needed more.  I am very grateful to traditional therapy but this felt more like therapy in 3-D.  They added the spiritual and physical to the emotional process.  The combination of The Emotion Code work with the counseling was very helpful to me.  Although I was willing to venture a bit out of the box, I wanted to work with Christians in this.  I appreciated the scripture and tools they shared with me.  Debbie and Ken were a safe place for me to share my struggles.  They really cared and listened, gave me truth and taught me more about healthy relationships.  I am now able to see that most of my shoulder and jaw pain is connected to my fear of disappointing others.  My body is helping me see when my boundaries are being crossed and that I am deeply loved by God.  I will continue to go back to them as needed when new issues arise.” – K.B., (49 year old married mother of 2, Christian, non-profit director)

We pray for those in search of hope, who need a tender touch; so they may know the true meaning of love, peace, and sharing.

May all the Blessings of the Lord be yours at Christmas and in the New Year!

                                                                                                            Ken & Debbie Pallone