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Meet Ken Pallone

Ken is the co-founder, Executive Director and counselor of Simply Grace, Inc. He handles much of the daily management and works with the Board of Directors on organizational direction and oversight; however, his passion lies in assisting clients in navigating through difficult circumstances and ultimately finding their unique, authentic expression of life. This is accomplished through mentoring, coaching, and counseling. Client services are tailored for individuals, couples, and family support as needed.

“In 1981, about a year after I awakened to Christ, I had visions of a career helping people but at that time was too fearful to take the formal steps in that direction.  Looking back over my journey I spent much of my teens in substance addiction and later (in my 20’s) became addicted to religion. I traded one addiction for another. I spent years trying to co-pay God for the sins and hurts I caused in my teen years. I was riding the emotional roller coaster of trying to perform for acceptance (God’s and others). Outwardly, I looked good. I was using pride and self-righteousness to cover the pain of deep-rooted shame and/or a low self-worth. Oh, the struggles and heartaches of battling a fear of both failure and success and the endless shame that fills the void in-between!

Then, in my early 30′s, I was further awakened to find myself; bitter and angry at God, and myself. I hated me. God’s mercy in the form of brokenness led me to the abandonment of self hatred with all of its misguided ambitions. He has allowed me to see firsthand the importance of letting Him love me unconditionally and accepting His total acceptance of me. That was a turning point in my life. From that was birthed the desire to express my love for Him by helping others, and the journey continues…”

Simply Grace, Inc., was established in 2003 in Cumming, Georgia. Growth and lifestyle changes have resulted in the 2022 move to our present Alpharetta location.

Ken married his wife, Debbie, in 1985. They reside in Woodstock, Georgia and have an adult son, Brad. Ken is an Ordained Minister and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kennesaw State University, Advanced Discipleship Training from Grace Ministries International and is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. He is also considered an Alternative Healing Practitioner.

Meet Debbie Pallone

Debbie Pallone is your first encounter with Simply Grace. As the office manager, she coordinates appointment scheduling and communications. As a holistic counselor, she helps clients restore balance in their Spirit, soul and body. Debbie is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Young Living Distributor. She is honored to be a part of the process of seeing lives transformed and whole health maintained.

She met her future husband, Ken, while attending Kennesaw College. They have been married since 1985 and live in Woodstock, Georgia.

Even though Debbie was raised in a secure Christian home with no major dysfunction, life after leaving the parental nest did not turn out as expected.

“Having a spiritual conversion experience at age seven, being committed to church attendance and living with wonderful Godly examples did not prepare me for my marriage expectations. I had an identity crisis and needed to experience the working out of my own salvation instead of relying on my inherited faith.”

Debbie and Ken had marriage struggles from the onset, so they sought counseling at Grace Ministries International in Marietta.

“Working on my concept of God, personal identity issues, forgiveness and expectations has been a long, tough process; yet worth it all. The growth and healing I have experienced in my own spirit, soul and body has helped prepare my way for ministry to others.”

Even though Debbie experienced years of emotional and spiritual healing through counseling and personal development, the physical difficulties continued.

“Most of my life has been spent with digestive issues and chronic pain; until a few years ago when I began a new journey of healing.  My chiropractor for 30+ years is very diligent about learning new, progressive techniques.  In 2012, we began nutrition response testing and allergy elimination. Then, soon after that she introduced me to a book called, The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. After a few sessions of identifying and releasing trapped emotions in my body, I realized this is the answer I have been hoping for.  I have always been intrigued by alternative healing modalities. 

Nursing was my major in college but I did not finish that course of study.  Knowing that I still had a major interest in health and science I searched for years for the right fit to fulfill that desire to help others in their healing process. Earning my certification as an Emotion Code Practitioner as well as continuing my education in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Aromatherapy has given me a beautiful foundation that I am excited to share.”

Getting healthy has been a steady and amazing journey for Debbie. Maintaining balance in Spirit, soul and body has helped her become the best version of herself. Removing resistance in thought processes, and restoring proper energy flow in the body has prepared her to use her own experiences and skills in sharing with others. 


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