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Spring 2021 The time we spend holding space for our clients is very special and sacred. It is very encouraging for us to read the honest expressions from their perspective when they choose to write a testimonial about their counseling experience. We are thankful for...

A View From the Bridge

Science and spirituality are contradictory in many ways. While both aim to make sense of our experiences on this planet and in this universe using a curious stance, science leads with structure and standards. Spirituality leads with emotional connection and...


Fall 2020 The key to maintaining a life of balance is to practice a combination of self-care and self-awareness.  One of the tools some people use is called HALT. There are a host of factors that can send us into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and...

First Steps

You don't need to see the entire path to take the first step. You can take the first step with fear and doubt. You can take it with hope and trust.... Too often we think we need to have it all figured out and planned before we can start. But the truth is, the best...

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