Summer 2021


Miracle: The suspension or superseding of natural laws; a temporary fix; has a beginning and ending.

The Blessing:   God’s favor spoken over us. It’s already been given.

Faith (as it pertains to “The Blessing”):  Taking God’s approval and then, approving of ourselves.  We speak God’s Blessing over us often.


Would you rather live in a series of miracles or live in the midst of “The Blessing”?

Another Question:

Would you rather have God perform a miracle to pull you out of bankruptcy or be so blessed financially that He wouldn’t have to?

It’s always better to avoid problems, which is the result of living in “The Blessing”, than it is to be delivered out of them, which requires a miracle.

The largest standing miracle recorded in the Bible was the manna that was consumed by the Israelites for 40 years.  But that couldn’t compare to “The Blessing” of the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey.

Three important reasons for receiving from God through “The Blessing” rather than miracles:

  1. Blessings prevent crises, while miracles deliver from crises.
  2. A blessing is always a more abundant supply than a miracle.
  3. Miracles are a temporary fix, while blessings are permanent solutions.
  4. Crisis works us up and wears us out.

If we believe we are blessed and act accordingly, we can avoid many of the problems that make us candidates for miracles. Sometimes we do need to believe God for a miracle; but periodic miracles can be a subset of “The Blessing” not a substitute for it.

The only thing that can stop “The Blessing” of God in our lives is our unbelief. He will never revoke it. “Through Christ, God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing that heaven has to offer.” (Ephesians 1:3)  If we can make an adjustment from a miracle mentality to a blessed mentality it will produce limitless abundance in Spirit, soul and body. 

God’s favor has already been spoken over us but it needs to be voice activated by us. We need to speak the promises; not with idle words but with faith, in order to fully experience it.

We have already got it!

We are already blessed!

(“Blessings and Miracles” is a teaching series by Andrew Wommack.)