Summer 2022


It takes great courage to tell your personal story and expose the wounds and insecurities in a counseling setting. We are sharing a couple of testimonies from clients who were dedicated to weekly counseling sessions for many months. Willingness to do the deeper work has immeasurable results.

“Simply Grace has not only changed my quality of life but the quality of life for my loved ones. I have grown spiritually, emotionally, mentally and personally in ways that could have only been possible through Simply Grace. I am more in love with life as I am able to be more present and mindful in every situation, as well as growing into my relationship spiritually with God as I realize I am fully loved and worthy. I feel more connected and enveloped by life and love than ever before and realize the true power of forgiveness, being vulnerable and abandoning false beliefs by replacing them with chosen truths.

I have been reborn in self- love, non-judgment, acceptance and forgiveness. I will forever live my life remembering and cherishing the time and energy spent on my behalf for someone they didn’t know. The life I live now is filled with joy.” – A. L., (college student)




“It has been great meeting with Ken and Debbie. They really are the ‘Dynamic Duo’! They have coached, guided and cheered me on my journey. They have been a tremendous support system and used methods that have really aligned with who I am and how I feel about my spirituality. Each visit offered a new modality coupled with talk therapy that allowed me to unload my thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental space. I love how each visit was organically driven by what would serve me best.

My time at Simply Grace was very rewarding! I’m happy to have met such a great team that truly cares about my mental health and well-being. I will continue to check in with them as I move forward on my journey to reclaiming my power and healing deeply ingrained mistruths. I feel liberated and light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “ – N.W., (business owner in Canton, GA)




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Ken & Debbie Pallone