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Individual Sessions

Most traditional sessions are designed for one counselor with one client. Specialized sessions involving two counselors with one client is another service that is offered. Also, we have found this to be very effective in working with the sub-conscious and conscious mind. This integrative process lead by a husband-wife team makes Simply Grace very unique.


Session Length

Sessions normally last one hour. Because specific issues need more time, sometimes sessions run a bit longer.


Session Frequency

Weekly sessions are ideal; it keeps the momentum going. Twice monthly sessions are acceptable depending on the client’s commitment level.


Number of Sessions

Additionally, 12-20 sessions is the average time needed in order to complete the counseling process.


Fee Structure

We ask for a financial donation per each session.



The History Taking Process:

Additionally, the first step and a vital part of the counseling process is taking the client’s social history.

The purpose of taking a Social History is four-fold:                 

-Also assists in building report and trust, as well as deepens compassion and understanding

-Helps in gaining understanding of how belief systems begin and have been reinforced

-Concurrently reveals the need to lay aside old belief(s)

-Shows areas needing forgiveness and emotional healing

Analysis Tools:

Taylor-Johnson Analysis

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator

Core Values Assessment

Love Language Profile

* Some or all of these tools may be used.



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