“14 For He Himself is our peace…” Ephesians 2:14

Peacemaker vs Peacekeeper

As mentioned in our previous newsletter a peacekeeper is

as follows: A peacekeeper is a person who tries hard to

control, keep peace with others and external circumstances

in order to feel some semblance of peace on the inside.

Unfortunately, there is an expense to losing or forfeiting a

part of one’s own sacred, intrinsic self. The term

peacekeeper is often linked to codependency.

In general, there is little written about the distinctions between a peacekeeper and a peacemaker.

However, there are distinctions made about peace in scripture; i.e., God’s peace and the world’s peace.

God’s Peace

In John 14:7 Jesus states; He has left peace with us or given it to us. He gives it differently than the world

gives peace. He describes this peace as perfect and strong enough to keep us or hold us steady even in

difficult circumstances. Our part is to intently focus and to simply trust that we are being kept by Christ.

Attributes of Peace (God’s Peace):

It far surpasses human reasoning or understanding.

Peace is a person. Christ was and is the ultimate Peace Maker (Manifestor).

Peace is always present, in the unseen and can manifest in the seen world.

Before there was war or a need for peace, there was peace.

Peace has no beginning or expiration date.

Peace is ultimately a gift, not an achievement by agreement.

Certain agreements can manifest God’s peace.

The Two Systems of Living

The Book of Genesis describes two systems (two trees) or two ways to live life. We can live life from

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (the Achieving System) or the Tree of Life (the Receiving

System). God’s peace is scarce in the Achieving System and abundantly supplied throughout the

Receiving System.

The Traveling Directions of Peace

Peace as far as the world is concerned is conditional, controlled and outward. Ideally, this peace is far

reaching. It is forged by agreements of dignitaries and compliance is expected, if not forced. The world’s

peace is outward, invading inward, and driven down from the top. It is mostly relief disguised in

peaceful clothing. The direction of God’s peace is infinitely inward and rises outward into physical

manifestation. It is intimate, powerful and so personal it can often go undetected by the masses.

According to Ephesians 2:14-16

Christ has broken down any barriers between cultures as well as the veil between our soul and Spirit.

We choose to walk according to the power of the flesh or in the Spirit (Romans 7).

He abolished enmity or deep-rooted hatred and even self-hatred caused by the Law (inside & out).

He established the groundwork of peace and oneness between cultures as well as Spirit, soul and body.

Ken’s Conflict, Frustration and Turbulent Twenties

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, my twenty-something self was in need of some major

soul adjustments. As much as I hated conflict it seemed to be following me. I wanted resolution but felt

ill-equipped or powerless to resolve anything. I hated my 9 year old self; yet, I felt his powerlessness

often. My 15 year old self was dumb and my 18 year old self, well lets just say he made my 15 year old

self look pretty smart. I was born again at age 20. For years I worked hard to overcome the consequences

of my past mistakes, finally graduated college, and got married. Things should have been going well;

however, there was a war on the inside of me. This war within me was beginning to affect everything,

my marriage included. I tried staying super busy with two jobs and hobbies; yet, running from me does

not work very well. Divorce looked like a possible outcome; however, me divorcing me is not a viable

option. Debbie and I tried three different counselors. The third one we stuck with for many months and

I learned a lot about myself. I checked a few boxes and gained some relief; then, over time I stuffed my

feelings and got busy again. The truth is I was angry and bitter at myself, Debbie and God. Many times,

where there is blame, there is much shame. I realized I could not hate my way out of this. The blaming

cooled and went underground and so did the shame. Self-pity was a frequent visitor, soothing the lies of

I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, no one understands me, etc…

The war within changed, but continued…

About nine months after my son was born, I began re-reading a book given to me by the counselor four

years before. It was as if I was reading it for the first time. God used the words of that book and

scriptures it contained to begin breaking down the walls of self-hatred in my soul. I was being

broken of the dominating force within me (the flesh) with its statements of belief; “I have to perform well

for God to accept me”; “If I don’t feel accepted, I must not be acceptable”; “I am just a wretched sinner

saved by God’s grace.” The above statements of belief were the justification for my continued self-

hatred. Peace like a river slowly began flooding my soul

from my Spirit. Over a few months I began feeling

unconditionally loved, accepted and peaceful. I was learning

to rest in Christ and not take myself so seriously. I began to

let go and not try to control everything. Now, I was

empowered to forgive myself and others.


So, the story of another peacemaker begins…

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