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“Counseling has really helped my husband and I communicate better and understand each other.  It has also been something we look forward to every week. We call it ‘Wellness Wednesdays’. When recommending Simply Grace to friends  I would tell them it seems scary in the beginning, but once you start, it will be the best and most rewarding thing you do for yourself.

This type of counseling process has helped me realize the hurt and trauma in my life. It helped me in the healing process. It has even helped my husband and me see the trauma and anxiety we both faced and how it all started. Best thing we did for our marriage!” – A.S., Cumming, GA


“I’m so happy.  I learned so much from you guys and it has helped me so much in every relationship.  I’m living my life and enjoying every minute of it; being my true authentic self! “– J. R., Alpharetta, GA


“When I met Ken and Debbie, I was at the lowest point of my life.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could get out of the dark hole I was in.  From Day 1, they made me feel comfortable because I’m not a talkative person.  They made me feel like I could open up and wouldn’t be judged by the things I’ve been through.  They gave me a voice and confidence I felt had been lost or never had.  I now have a new    perspective on life and only see myself going up from here.  I can’t thank them enough for blessing me  with their grace and not making me feel like I’m just another client to them.” – A. B., Atlanta, GA


We received a wonderful blessing from one of our board members. Our office lease agreement did not included signage on the office park directory, building and office door. He donated funds for all of them! Another area where we could use a little help is with advertising and website maintenance. Things are   going well; however, any relocation needs extra focus on marketing for us to be recognized in our new areas of service. 

We hope you will consider making a one-time donation or monthly contribution to our marketing budget and of course we are expectant for new regular supporters to join us as well.  Remember, neither one of us receives a salary. We rely on support donations to provide that.  The client donations go toward operating expenses.


Our View of Holistic Counseling:

Psychology and counseling from a traditional view is soul (consciousness) focused.  Science has now concluded that the subconscious mind is up to 500+ times more powerful than the conscious mind.  In addition, most would have to agree that the collective ideas, strategic intentions and implementations of this world system, though misguided, are hundreds of times more powerful than the average subconscious mind.  The conscious mind by itself can constitute some change; however, if the subconscious is not fully on board with the changes, the changes rarely last.  And there is much divisiveness and confusion in trusting the world systems to support our on- going, highest, personal wellbeing.

We at Simply Grace see our unique holistic approach as a viable alternative to the secular counseling approach.  We address the whole person: Spirit, soul and body.  We also seek to improve the connectedness in and between the client’s three part whole.  We define Spirit as, “Our new Spirit joined with God’s Spirit”; a new creation (Christ consciousness).  Spirit is our new authentic self; our true identity and source of empowerment.  Our Spirit is how we relate to God.  We define soul as our mind, will and emotions (consciousness).  It is how we uniquely relate and connect to self and others.  Our body is how we relate and connect to the environment.

While counseling individuals, we may have a counselor and practitioner present during the session.  This is extremely rare due to it being impractical; however, we have found it profoundly effective.  The hour long session usually begins with the counselor doing soul work (conscious mind) with the client, or practical, spiritual exercises.  Then, the practitioner takes a turn and works with the client on their emotional imbalances within the body, which affects the subconscious mind.  While the counselor relates to the client, the practitioner prays silently and when the practitioner relates to the client, the counselor is supporting in prayer.  As we navigate through this process, the client experiences a healthier connection to God; as well as peace and increased self-acceptance.

Thank You!  Blessings!


Ken & Debbie Pallone