Have you ever felt like this? For the past several years my life has felt like a roller coaster ride: highs and lows, ups and downs. Fortunately, when work is stressful, my home life (family and friends) is at least stable or high; however, lately both are unbearably low. There are layoffs or cut backs at work, tensions are high. Now, family issues are up and there is no ignoring them.

I have to be strong for my family, but feel so frustrated and weak. Dad always said, “Keep your family business in the family.” I am trying to talk to my wife, but it isn’t working. She is way too emotional. My buddy is seeing a counselor and it seems to be helping…


Relationship issues, poor communication skills, lonely, feeling misunderstood, frustrated and angry are challenges men face often. These are some of the common issues that men deal with, and sometimes deal with differently than women. Societal roles and unrealistic expectations can wound us deeply. Often times, men believe that they should just put their heads down and charge through adversity. How many times have you heard the phrase, “Stop crying and be a man”, or “Suck it up”? The truth is, there is no shame in asking for help! In the grand scheme of things, one should not have to emotionally barricade himself (stuff feelings) in order to not show weakness. The truth is that learning to express yourself emotionally can be very empowering and has great relationship benefits.

Men’s struggles are more real today than ever. Are you feeling the pressure? A difficult transition, divorce, trauma, loss of a partner or friend, anger, stress from work or home, etc., we at Simply Grace Counseling in Alpharetta are here to help. Call now.